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Gfycat Selects Krush Media to Bolster Sales of Sponsored Media

Krush Media Signs Partnership Agreement with GIF Giant to Monetize Sponsored GIF Inventory

DAYTON, Ohio–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Following its recent launchKrush Media, a full-service digital advertising and media company that allows brands and publishers to traditionally and programmatically execute ad campaigns across all screens, today announced a new strategic partnership with Gfycat, the world’s largest user-generated GIF platform. Under this agreement, Krush Media will function as an extended sales arm, selling sponsored GIFs to advertisers, brands and advertising agencies. This deal is the latest in a string of recent ad sales wins for Krush Media since its official launch in July, including its partnership with Snap Interactive.

“We’re excited to partner with Krush Media on monetization,” said Gfycat CEO Richard Rabbat. “Krush’s expertise is in helping brands and advertisers engage with the millennial audience, and GIFs and millennials go hand in hand.”

As part of the agreement, Gfycat has agreed to utilize Krush Media’s ad sales capabilities to power their global advertising sales. With over 80 million monthly active users, Gfycat offers a unique opportunity for brands to reach the coveted millennial demographic.

When discussing the partnership, Brian Faust, President and Co-founder of Krush Media said, “There has been a profound shift in storytelling towards more visual, brief content, hence the growing popularity of GIFs. Gfycat’s ability to generate 400 million page views per month offers brands a unique opportunity to capitalize on the viral nature of GIFs and reach their audience with a more engaged approach. We’re thrilled to collaborate with Gfycat and look forward to connecting them directly with advertisers.”

About Krush Media

Krush Media is a full-service digital advertising and media company that allows brands and publishers to execute powerful ad campaigns that engage and monetize audiences across all screens. We enable brands to place highly targeted and effective ads that drive customer engagement and increase conversions while eliminating non-human traffic. Our fully managed solution offers advertisers demographic, geo-fencing, cross-device, behavioral and retargeting capabilities across all screens including desktop, mobile, tablet, and CTV.

Krush Media, LLC currently manages all monetization related activities including ad sales and ad operations for Krush Technologies, LLC, which owns and operates the popular social communications app ooVoo, amongst other large publishing properties.

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About Gfycat

Gfycat is the world’s largest user-generated short video platform. We provide superior tools for creating and sharing GIFs in stunning visual quality. As we grow we’re shaping the way the Internet creates and consumes video content.

We watch GIFs instead of YouTube videos, read Tweets instead of New York Times articles. Content is becoming shorter and its distribution more democratic, and artists, traditional media, and brands must adapt to this new reality to flourish. At Gfycat, we’re building the tools that consumers want and brands need in the new content landscape.

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