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The digital advertising industry is noisy, crowded and you don’t always get what you pay for. That stops when you partner with us – honesty, transparency and a commitment to hands-on campaign management is what we do best.


Our fully-managed solution offers demographic, geo-fencing, cross device, behavioral interest and retargeting capabilities. Utilizing our Publisher Direct Network, Audience Extension, and exclusively represented Publisher Data, we offer advertisers direct access to their desired audience – eliminating non-human traffic to drive real ROI for every campaign, at scale.

Krush Media represents a suite of top mobile, tablet, desktop and CTV publishers, providing our advertising clients with access to this high quality video, display and native ad inventory.

  • Brand Safe Video, Display and Native Ad Inventory Across All Screens
  • Exclusive Representation of Publisher Media
  • First Party User Registration Data for Advanced Targeting
  • Inventory Protection Using Industry-Leading IVT Blocking Technologies
  • Programmatic and Traditional Media Activation
  • Publisher Direct Network


Quality and high performing ad inventory that is highly targetable using first-party user registration data. It’s what all advertisers seek to access, but it’s not easy to engage in our current programmatic infrastructure. That’s what makes Krush Media different. We are the strongest solution for advertisers to directly engage publishers directly using programmatic activations and first-party data.

The Krush Audience Extension has powerful reach, and when it’s combined with our publisher relationships – brands have the ability to launch video campaigns that market to users in a more converged, integrated way – leading to the kind of engagement that drives measurable customer action.

The Krush Audience Extension also provides ROI assurance for this highly unpredictable demographic – benefits include guaranteed reach, frequency and cost forecasts.

Krush Media - people



Krush Media - people



Publisher Direct Network

Krush represents websites, mobile and CTV applications for their inventory directly with the owners and operators of the properties. Having this direct relationship raises the bar when it comes to ad placement that results in ad performance. It also naturally helps with eliminating non-human traffic by bypassing programmatic exchanges that have been known to be riddled with invalid traffic.

Krush’s suite of top mobile, tablet, desktop and CTV publishers, provides our advertising clients with access to this high quality video, display and native ad inventory.

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First-Party User Data

With access to millions of unique user data, we are able to help advertisers create targeted audience segments. Whether custom segments or one of our popular lifestyle and interest verticals, we are able to help brands get in front of their audience with accuracy using data source straight from our publisher properties.

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CBD & Cannabis Advertising

Access Krush Media’s suite of premium, mobile, tablet, desktop, and CTV CBD/Cannabis Compliant publishers. Utilize millions of unique user data to create targeted audience segments. We provide our clients access to programmatic video, display, interstitial and high-impact inventory using the most advanced ad serving technology and data targeting.

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