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Safety & Compliance

Safety & Compliance

Verified Inventory

Fight inventory fraud across desktop, mobile and Ott with our Ads.txt, App-Ads.txt, and sellers.json publisher integrations. Our Industry leading 3rd IVT filtration technology partners validate 100% of our inventory.

Safety & Compliance

Multi-threat Fraud Protection

Pixalate’s Analytics enables you to transact confidently using a scaled, omni-channel platform for fraud, brand safety, and display viewability.The Pre-bid Fraud Blocking API is a service which allows subscribers to make a request to Pixalate's servers to retrieve the probability (risk score) and determine if a user's IP, deviceID or user agent is compromised or performing a malicious activity.

Media Ratings Lookup API is the only complete API solution for risk ratings, and reputation data across hundreds of dimensions in order to evaluate Applicatons and Websites at scale.

Safety & Compliance

Inventory Vetting/Pre-Approval

Krush’s offers Brand-safe audiences on carefully-vetted, top-tier media properties at scale. We spend countless hours vetting publishers and websites to maintain our internal compliance and safety guidelines.

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